19th April, 2011

SoKo live in Los Angeles

Robert tipped a new SoKo gig coming up: “Soko will be playing at Satellite (formerly Spaceland) w/ He’s My Brother She’s My Sister on May 2. It’s at 1717 Silver Lake blvd in Los Angeles”.

If you’re in the area, be sure to stop by. Great double bill! More info on Facebook.

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5th February, 2010

New song: it’s fine, if you don’t love me

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15th August, 2009

New SoKo track

SoKo recorded a track together with Marina Vollo (of Bonde Do Role). Check it out at Prefix Magazine!

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1st August, 2009

SoKo is alive

“She’s been on the Grand Stage at The Secret Garden Party not ten minutes and Soko’s fallen out with the sound man. After unsuccessfully trying to get his attention so he can turn up the levels of her guitar she spits, “Maybe he’s gone for a piss.” She’s also fallen out with a member of the audience, one of the 100 strong crowd sitting near to Soko on the stage. “I don’t have any songs in French. Sorry that’s the other stage – go on!” She deadpans.”

Great review of the Cambridgeshire gig on Amalia’s Magazine. Go check it out!

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24th June, 2009

SoKo = back?

It seems that there is a little light on the horizon, as SoKo seems to be planning to play two gigs. Her Myspace states that she will be performing 23/7 at Dingwalls, London and 25/7 at a Secret Garden Party in Cambridgeshire. Check it out here: myspace.com/mysoko.

So, how happy are you? :-)

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1st April, 2009

SoKo quits. For real.

So, the last item on this website created some stir and we can see why. SoKo quitting isn’t really what you would wish for. Why? SoKo sent me an e-mail with some of the reasons to quit. She allowed me to quote her, so here it is:

“I’ve read that people are wondering if i quit music .. i DID. Basically, it’s well known that I don’t wanna be a part of the music industry … I’ve never planned on doing music, so everything that
has been happening has been so amazing and i’m really greatfull but
it’s really scary for me .. and I’m just at that period of my life where I wonder if it’s really what I want : telling my stories to a lot of people that i don’t know .. seems really egoticentric to me … and that’s not what i’m about.”

On the record she writes: “I did a record in a studio, that had cost a lot of money .. and I didn’t liked it coz it sounded too much like a studio record and not enough like my garage band crap that i like more … and i had no money to remix it. I thought it was a sign that I shouldn’t put it out … not now .. maybe in 10, 20 years … but not now.”

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As you probably know, SoKo started with acting even before becoming a singer. She misses acting now, as well as seeing the world, travelling and all that: “All I was doing when I was doing only music was being depressed, locked in my dark room and write sad song .. this is not how life should be …!”

So SoKo will take her time to get to the things she deems important at this moment. And about the album? Maybe later: “Music is still the most precious thing I have.. the only amazing thing living in me… I didn’t wanted to ruin it by letting it out too early … spearding it out to the wild world… I’m still writing and all that .. and i miss playing gigs a lot … but i’m not ready at all to release an album .. at all !”

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2nd March, 2009

SoKo quits. For real?


At the Sunset Sounds festival in Australia last january, SoKo told her audience she would quit. A lot of people still thought she was joking, but now her Myspace page indicates otherwise.

Her username has been changed to “SoKo is dead”, her motto is “I QUIT” and her place of living is “Hell, France”. Could this seriously be the end of SoKo?

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6th January, 2009

SoKo in Australia

So, tomorrow SoKo will conclude her Australian tour with a show at the Music and Arts Festival in Byron Bay. I hope you guys over there went to her shows and had a great time. Apparently, people buying a ticket for her gig at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne got a great start to 2009, as SoKo played for a stunning 2.5 hours there!


SoKo did a couple of interviews when she was in Australia. There is one with the Sydney Morning Herald, where she tells the reporter about her hit song “I’ll Kill Her”: “I don’t want to talk about it,” she says. “I think it’s shit and I don’t even want it on the radio. It doesn’t reflect the kind of music I’m doing today.” More on that in a more detailed interview with SoKo at Rave Magazine.

Did you attend one of her shows? How did you like it? Please tell us about it in the comments below.

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25th November, 2008

New SoKo picture & two acoustic songs

TheyShootMusic.at is a Viennese “video/geoblog featuring artists that can be vaguely described by the blurred out term indie”. One of these artists is -as you would have guessed- SoKo. Michael of TSMDT e-mailed us with a picture and two videos of SoKo, for you to enjoy.

“We pick up French singer and actress SoKo at the Funkhaus where she has been interviewed for the national radio station fm4. Her booking agent recommends us that we shall better not ask SoKo to play her early chart-success “I’ll kill her” for us as she ran out of the studio, when she has been asked to do so at the radio station.” Read more at TheyShootMusic.

As promised, two acoustic video’s of SoKo. Here she plays Happy Hippie Birthday…

… and this is: I Hardly See the Truth.

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5th November, 2008

Soko features on Swedish album

After two years of touring the world, I’m From Barcelona -a Swedish band with 29 band members- return with “Who Killed Harry Houdini? “. On the album is a track called “Gunhild”, which features your favorite singer SoKo. The album will be released in Europe September 24 and in the US Oct 14.

More info about the band is to be found at Myspace.

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