Despite the general approach of gothic music on, a also very important aspect to be followed inside this community is the widely encouragement for indie-pop films in which goth singers performed.

Created as to respect the principal beliefs of this new wave musical style, many movies have been filmed since 2003 and represented a high stone-bridge in the evolution of folk-pop direction.

In the next section I will present you some of the most important roles and movies in which starred Stephanie Soko, the Queen of our community and the symbol of our favorite music genre, goth.

Short Filming

Short movies are the kind of movies that last maximum 20 minutes and are created in order to promote a product or to stage as a trailer for the upcoming full TV movie. The importance of this kind of filming is very high as for the fact that statistics show a very high public audience for high-quality pre-short movies.

The most important ones, in which Soko had a significant role, are as follows: Léscalier (2003), Ben et Thomas (2004), Oh! Ma femme (2006), Poesie del amor (2006), Mourir aupres de toi (2011), Fat Bottomed Girls Rule the World (2012), First Kiss (2014), Hi How Are You Daniel Johnston (2015) and I Still Chose to Stay (2015).

Our queen’s interest for filming scenes can be seen as even in the period in which her main occupation was the live music performance for goth fans, she still was able to find the necessary time to have these huge roles in the stated short filming above.

TV Series

Continuing her career as an actress, Soko has also performed in some famous TV series, as a result of the high interest of filming directors to have her on the stage. In order to fulfill the natural desire to be on the screen, she accepted the offered roles in P.J (2003), Action Justice (2003), On s’appelle (2005), Commissaire Valence (2005 – 2008), Louis Page (2006) and Artbound (2014).

Acting on TV series can be a real test for most actors as in order to obtain the desired results, a consequent attitude and character personification must be maintained during the whole filming period. This aspect may sound easy to be accomplished, but when it comes to gothic style movies, the dark theme and somber character may get you in depression if your behavior comportment is not strong enough to resist to these negative influences.


Performing into a movie is the ultimate stage for every actor that respects himself. Regardless the films type and popularity, the skills and hard work that must be put when filming a high-quality movie are to be appreciated by any fan and watcher.

Soko has very early reached this goal as an actress, performing in “Clara cet ete la” in 2004. After the highly appreciated debut on the high level filming stage, offers started to pour for the young lady.

Later, she had also important roles in movies like Les Diablesses (2007), Adrien (2008), In the Beginning (2009), Augustine (2012), Always Worth (2015), The Dancer (2016) and The Stopover (2016).

It is thus, for more to appreciate the effort that Soko made in order to keep the gothic music alive and to fulfill her dream of becoming a successful actress.