Early 2000s are known by all goth music fans to be one of the darkest period in the existence of this movement. Within this period, the number of performs dropped significantly and the songs were of such a low quality that many fans reconsidered their position and started listening to other music genres.

This lack of consistency is considered to have been created due to the high pressure that has been made on the music industry and the drastic dropdown that affected this movement due to the newly social beliefs promoted by worldwide media.

The lyrics that best characterize the feeling are expressed even inside one Soko’s song and sound like this:

“in my battle with the demons I just had to die

coz they’re way too evil and I couldn’t fight”

Despite of the many impediments that were created in the music industry in order to stop the evolution of gothic movement, some popular and successful songs have been released, songs that state the contrary: gothic music will never die and even if competition is trying to kill it, it will survive within the fans that will never die.

The Dark “Age”

Even in this very harsh environment, the continuous release of songs is a clear sign that gothic music movement is never going to vanish. Right after 2009-2010 periods, many goth performers returned to their origins as this music genre represented their way of acting and behaving and a human being is not able to change these feelings and beliefs in such a short period of time.

Above of that, the fans love, devotement and encourages made them return to singing in this fantastic niche as in order for their music to last forever.

One artist that makes no exception for these statements is Stephanie Soko. After her retirement announcement in 2009, many actions in order to make her change his mind has been perform inside Soko Music Association. And these were not in vain. “Forced” by the community appreciations and constraint by the fact that goth music was dying, in August 2011 she announced her return and desire to sing like never in this niche.

Popular Songs and Albums

The main albums that stand as the general image and conception of this goth movement are “Not Sokute”, “I Thought I Was an Alien” and “My Dreams Dictate My Reality”, by Soko.

Inside these albums, the most important singles that has been even rated in the worldwide musical tops are “I’ll Kill Her” (2007), “I Thought I Was an Alien” (2011), “First Love Never Die” (2012) and “We Might Be Dead by Tomorrow” (2012). The main countries that recognized the musical value of these songs were France, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

The nowadays conceptions shows even more the evolution of these stated countries in the musical industry and encourage the worldwide recognition of gothic music songs on a large scale.