Soko Music Association would highly appreciate your assistance to the weekly organized seminaries about the newly improvements of gothic music. It is an open invitation to every goth lovers that would like to enjoy the company of people with the same beliefs, considerations and principles.

During the seminaries, goth music is being listened and a specific atmosphere is being developed. Many times the overall well-being ended up in a huge party and the community members were highly delighted by the turnaround that these events had taken.

You can find our location listed in the table from the bottom of the page, or you may enter on the official gothic music platform,, and see the address listed there.

Name Soko Music Association
Address Budlong Ave, nr. 33C
City Los Angeles, California, USA
Phone (445) 887 776
Fax (445) 887 777

You can also find at us the list and information about all the major upcoming events planned by the most popular singers of this niche. The close collaboration of our community and them is reflected by their official invitations sent by them at each of their events.

Also, our specially created environment maintains a close bounding with the current top gothic performers and organizes planned trips to the location of their live performances. Usually it is required to make some initial preparations and all the taxes that are implied by these travels are supported by each person individually.

For many times our members have received special tickets with which they were allowed to stay at the after party event and various objects can be signed by the most famous goth performers.

In order to get information about the events planned by Soko Music Association, you are welcome to call at every hour at the listed phone number and to ask questions about how you can adhere to this fantastic music movement and questions about how to become a member of our community or when are planned he upcoming actions.