There is no comparable feeling as a gothic music lover as being in the crowd of a live festival. The sensation in one of the most beautiful feeling ever and it can’t be compared to everything else in this world.

By joining our community on you are able to find out about the main upcoming events that are planned by goth performers. If this option doesn’t suits you well, you can also find these information from various online sources, as the gothic rock genre has increased its popularity in the latest years and it is becoming to be more and more appreciated by fans from all around the world.

Major Upcoming Festivals

Worldwide it is known to exist 7 major goth festivals that are the ultimate excitement for fans. Stepping into the darker, louder and evil environment of them is a must for every declared gothic music lover.

The major annual festivals are as listed:

  • Wave Gothic Treffen (Leipzig, Germany)
  • Bats Day In The Fun Park (Anaheim, California)
  • Infest (Bradford, England)
  • M’era Luna Festival (Hildesheim, Germany)
  • Vampire 5K (Denver, Los Angeles, Atlanta, New Orleans and Washington D.C.)
  • Whitby Goth Weekend (Whitby, England)
  • Endless Night Vampire Ball (New Orleans, New York City and Berlin)

Performing on these main events represents the ultimate accomplishment for a goth music band. Starting with already popular teams like The Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, Placebo and The Birthday Massacre and ending with newly rising talents, these events are a must for each goth fan and represents the confirmation of the general social acceptance for this special way of acting, believing and, ultimately, existing.

By becoming a member of Soko Music Association you can also benefit of custom made goth clothing and accessories, highly searched and appreciated by fans from all around the world. Inside this movement, the general look and appearance is highly important because of the fact that this is the main way of recognizing a brother of your belief.

Dark clothes, sharp accessories and an overall dark and somber look are some of the characteristics that mark the goth fans appearance. Accompanied with that stands the dark makeup that tend to lead the general impression to the very own existence of hell on Earth.