About Us

The Soko Music Association is a worldwide community that gathers fans of gothic music from all around the world. In here, you can find data and information about the top performers of this music genre, tournaments that they are currently planning, as well as photos and videos about their live performances.

Membership and Community Joining

In order to become a member of this awesome community, you only have to create an account on www.sokomusic.com. There are no taxes or fees to be deducted as to encourage fans of goth to unite and create a strong force.

For avoiding mass spam actions, a confirmation email will be send to your address when you create your account. To activate it, you should only click on the provided link and from there you are all set to go with your new community friends.

The main occupation of this group is to worship and promote the artists that choose to dedicate their life to gothic music and to increase the number of concerts with this specific theme. Even though the current social beliefs and principles are an impediment in the evolution of goth, more and more fans are starting to adhere to this movement as a sign of inconsideration of the current popular music genres and the dehumanization that is nowadays affecting the young generation from all worlds countries.

Soko’s Music Recognition

A main recognition to singers has been brought by this group to Stephanie Sokolinski, a French girl that chose to dedicate his life from an early age to this musical movement.

Inside the community, fans appreciate his dedication and made from her the Queen of the society and follow her throughout her main performances. As for stating just some of the places where she singed, we can list the following:

  • Scandinavia
  • Britain
  • Australia
  • Falls Festival (2008)
  • Southbound Festival
  • Sunset Sounds Festival (2009)

Also, her favorite places are considered to be the venues from Los Angeles where gothic music fans are regular clients and all the people love her. Places like Troubadour, Spaceland, Bootleg Theatre, Ecoplex and Henry Fonda are frequently concerted by Soko and her appreciation to the public audience is widely known.

One of the most appreciated facts about her concerts is the increased grade of improvements during the stage acting. Soko usually performs and sings without any set lists, and she is recognized to change its backing band from show to show in order to fulfill her instrumental friends dreams of performing live on the stage.

www.sokomusic.com sustains and promotes the natural type of concerts performed by Soko and promotes all the artists that perform in the gothic musical movement. Usually a concert lasts about 3 to 4 hours, but this depends on the singer’s mood and disposition to effort, as well as the fans and crowd that are assisting at the live performance.

All tours are known to be live performances and any playback attempts are hash punished by the community’s members. This is a normal behavior in order to encourage the natural skills and to increase the quality of the released songs that will eventually attract more fans to this never dying genre.